We are in contact with THOUSANDS of job seekers daily and
what do we hear most often?

"I need help getting a job..." - "My resume is NOT working for me... "
"Where can I get assistance in my job search?"


Our subscribers are job seekers and professionals who are looking for career management and job search help through professional coaching and counseling services.

How are you attracting YOUR new clients?

Advertising your services and products through traditional methods such as newspaper advertising or referrals can provide you leads, but are you getting enough and are they qualified?

HRHQ has successfully implemented a marketing method for Career Coaches that effectively delivers qualified prospect leads to YOU.



Our approach involves the sourcing of qualified prospective clients for you; introducing them in a compelling manner to the benefits of engaging your coaching services.

• Improve your qualification of your prospective clients;

• Expose the prospective clients to the value of your service;

• Receive a "Short-list" of qualified prospects that need the your service and that you want to take on as clients.

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The value to your company will include:

• Less time and money invested in initial recruiting of new prospective clients
• Less time invested in pursuing unqualified applicants
• Consistent recruiting process
• Flexible process to scale for expansion

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