Introduce your Career Coaching Services to
QUALIFIED Prospective Clients!

The HRHQ approach is to work closely with your company to create a consistent process to qualify prospective clients that meet YOUR criteria. In addition, HRHQ builds the prospect's interest for career counseling and YOUR services.

Do you offer Free resume critiques or other introductory offers to attract new clients?


Our Career Coaching advertising package identifies potential clients who are in the process of making career changes and who meet YOUR specific criteria for new clients.

Do you specialize in a particular type of job seeker to counsel?

HRHQ has successfully implemented a marketing method for Career Coaches that is targeted to the clients you want that effectively delivers qualified prospect leads to your sales efforts.

Our Methodogy:

  • Your prospects are sourced and screened by the HRHQ “Short-list Pro” technology process based on your specified criteria.
  • HRHQ will work with you to develop your value proposition and “Call to action” that encourages the prospect to take the next step.
  • Each prospect that meets the YOUR defined specifications are introduced to your career counseling services and your special offer by a personalized Email in a compelling yet non-threatening manner.

    > You can control the number of introductions that are sent;
    > You can change the search criteria;
    > You can define the geographic area to be targeted.
  • You automatically receive the client prospect information. The personalized Email directs your client prospect's request to you or your web site for follow up. This follow up could included requiring them to complete an application, an initial evaluation, or interview. This hand over will be designed to be compatible with your company's current process.
  • HRHQ will manage the flow of information in this process for efficiency and to insulate you from the “noise” factor in the first steps of the qualification / marketing process.


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The Career Coach Value Packages -

Directed mailing to qualified prospects - Get MORE value for your advertising dollars!

Direct Mailings
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* Initial Set up fee $195 (regular $295)

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